Farwest Show

August 27 to 29, 2009

at the Oregon Convention Center. (www.oregoncc.org)
Farwest Show Site:  www.farwestshow.com

Like a medieval market place where peddlers hang their wares, trade shows are an essential experience for buyers and vendors alike. Customers are free to touch and feel the product, to realize the details and to feel the presence of a particular pot, to question and test the validity of a vendor's claims. These are all part of the trade show experience. That is why we will always value the trade show as the supreme testing ground and launching pad for new products.

We encourage you to attend our shows and visit our booth. We will be happy to see you there and to discuss your specific needs. Many other vendors of unusual and beautiful products attend these shows. Some of these may be useful in your business.

Aw Pottery is proud to have been awarded Best of Division at the 2008 show.

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Photos from the August 2006 show: (Click the photo to enlarge) (We really need to remember to bring a camera to this show more often!)

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