Water Features

Magma water feature "Magma"

Although we mainly sell our products the way the manufacturers made them, a few of them we convert for use as water features. This is easier than it sounds, and we encourage our customers (and their customers!) to use their creativity in this way also. A pump and some plastic tubing are all that you'll need for many simple water features.

Please note, we do not make custom-order water features for customers.

Artesian water feature "Artesian"

Sealing our pots to prevent leakage is a simple process. The materials are sold by any home improvement store. Drilling holes in pottery requires a tile/ceramics bit, also available at home improvement stores. We don't recommend drilling porcelain, but if you choose to try it you'll need a diamond-tipped bit. More information can be found in our sealing & drilling pots section.

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